Why niche blogging is best for passive earning?

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Do niche blogging is best for passive earnings? I know most of them are eager to get an exact answer, right?😉😉

First of all, I want to clear one thing, especially for those who are beginner bloggers that, a multi-niche blog is a bad idea if you want to start a blog for profit.

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Think practically how your blog will look if you are a multi-niche blogger, who writes fitness one day and cooking the next day. It will be hard for your audience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to categorize your blogs if you are engaged in multi-niche blogging.

When I have started a blog I was also a multi-niche blogger, and I wrote about business tips, marketing, online earning, and Technology, which is a bad choice as a blogger because no niches have worked well in terms of earning though I provide quality content and get sufficient visitors.

Soon getting a huge amount of experience in blogging career and writing great content, I have observed that single niche blogging will be more effective for me as I have a good experience in blogging and I can write such quality content for the audience which help them to skyrocket their blogging journey, and then I have founded Dream Merchandise to help those bloggers- especially beginners who are facing problem while doing blogging in day-to-day life.

If we consider what expert bloggers prefer to do they have also the same answer and they act too;

  • Search Engine Journal: Search Engine Optimization
  • ShoutMeLoud: Blogging and Internet marketing
  • WhoIsHostingThis?: Web hosting

The above website is all based on a single niche, and most importantly they all are experts in their field.

If you will read this blog for the next 7 minutes you will get a supreme knowledge of a niche blogging, and how it benefits to your;

  • Target Audience
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Monetization
  • Blogging future

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Why Niche blogging is best?

Whenever you start a blog your foremost objective should to find a niche that is not only of your interest but you are passionate about it.

I have been asked by many of my viewers that how this website is only about the ‘blogging’ niche, where I use to write content in various fields;

  • Blogging Guide – You required to get a ‘blogging guide’
  • Affiliate marketing Guide – You required to get an Affiliate marketing guide to earn money online via. blog content
  • WordPress Guide – You required WordPress Guide to the smooth functioning of your blog website
  • Hosting Reviews – You required web hosting to start a blog website
  • Blogging Courses – You required Blogging courses to increase your efficiency

If you look closely into this, it’s all the part of ‘blogging niche’; not a multi niche blog.

Coming back to the point, Why niche blogging is best? it can build good credibility among your targeted audience. Moreover, to get a higher ranking on Google it is also important to give an indication to the Search engine that you are the best among all other blog websites working on the same niche.

You can target your audience more efficiently

target audience, blog reader, how to target audience efficiently

Targeting the audience is one of the most important parts of a blog website, if you don’t know your targeted audience it will be hard for you to sustain your blog for a long time.

If you are working on a single niche you can easily define your audience what content they actually want, just like ‘travel niche’ you can easily define your target audience that will come to your blog and read content related to travel.

But if you are working on a multi-niche blog, and writing on travel, cooking, sports in one blog, it will be really hard for you to target your audience because you will lose the credibility of your audience.

In-depth, niche blogging is a game of psychology. Suppose, if you like to read content on travel, what you prefer first;

  1. a blog website writing about travel blogs, or
  2. a blog website writing about travel, business, cooking, etc.

Definitely, the first one, because it will pass a signal to your brain that, the first blog is only about travel ‘maybe the blog owner is an expert in that field’, and we ignore the second option. This is what the case happen.

We assume that the one who is writing about a single topic is an expert in that field, just like whenever I want to read an article related to the Indian economy and the stock market, I usually visit ‘Economic Times’ and ‘Money Control’ because they are best in this field.

Thus, niche blogging benefits you to target an audience related to your niche, by which you can easily cater to your audience’s needs very easily, and once you start solving your audience’s need it will be so much easy for you to gain the trust of your audience.

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SEO will boost 10 times faster

Seo, benefits of niche blogging, benefits of niche blogging on seo, impact of SEO in niche blogging

The foremost objective of every blogger is to rank their content faster on Google SERPs, and it is neither tough nor easy to do so.

Niche blogging plays a key role to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank on Google.

If you take a deep look, niche blogging is just one of the factors for ranking on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). After one by one update of the Google search algorithm, it has emphasized niche blogging as one of the key factors for ranking.

But why search engine took this as an important?

Back in the decades before multi-niche blogging was more profitable because it targets more segments of the audience but day by day the algorithm gets sharp updates and the search engine algorithm focuses more on niche blogs because it creates more trust among the audience.

But how search engine algorithm works on niche blog?

As you know, today’s search engine algorithm is completely dependent upon the activity performed by the audience, in the last few years audience where not get satisfied with the search results because every blogger was engaged in making content on multi topics.

Soon, Google has recognized this problem and done relevant updates to its algorithm by which niche blogs become more prioritized by them.

It is now understandable what I’m saying, niche blog website generally indicates search engines that the website is more trustworthy and authoritative because the website is dedicated to a ‘single niche’ and Google will look at you as an expert on a specific topic, this will boost google ranking

Suppose, if I write a content dedicated to a ‘blogging‘ niche it will indicate google that this blog website is writing on a single niche, moreover, it passes a signal to the search engine that this blog website may be an expert in this specific field ‘blogging’ and the result, my website would rank on Google and they would channelize my content related to my targeted audience.

So, try to do SEO optimization of your blog website according to single niche website by;

  • Optimize your blog content by sticking to a single niche
  • Categorize your website according to your niche
  • Build a trustworthy targeted audience of a specific niche
  • Try to solve the problem of your audience via. content

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Monetization becomes 30 times easy

monetization, benefits of monetization, benefits of monetization on niche blog, benefits of monetization on niche blogging

Monetization is one of the most important factors to sustain a blog website and if it is done in the proper way it will be a blogging success moreover, niche blogging will help you to monetize your blog 30 times easier.

Monetization of a blog website is a very easy process, but the most significant part of it is; which monetization technique you use. There are few monetization techniques;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Email Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertisement

But for a blog website three most popular monetization technique is;

  • Google AdSense – It is an Ad network powered by Google which places Ads on our Website. If we get an AdSense approval, our website gets eligible to show Ads by Google that means money-money-money
  • Affiliate Marketing – It means promoting a company’s product to our website and whenever any visitors buy from our affiliate link we will earn a commission
    • Suppose, I’m an affiliate partner of Amazon associate and I refer Amazon’s product to my clients and visitors through my websites, podcast, YouTube video, etc; and whenever they purchase a product from Amazon through my source (affiliate links) then Amazon will give me a small commission according to their Commission policy.
  • Sponsorships – One of the popular ways to monetize the blog is sponsorship, the Ads publishing companies hire and pay you for promoting and recommending their product.B

In this whole process of monetization, one of the key factors is played by your niche.


  • If you are a niche blogger and write only about Travel, then Ads publishing company ‘Google AdSense’ will only place Ads on your website related to Travel like Hotel booking, Flight booking, Travel insurance.
  • If you are an Affiliate marketer and creating content only on Web hosting ‘Web server and domains’ then, it will benefit your visitors just because they think you are an expert in this topic and you only recommend those products in which you are specialized
  • If you are a blogger and creating content only on Fitness, the companies will hire you to promote their product through blog websites, social media, etc; this will benefit not only you but also the companies who are hiring you to promote their product via. your various channels.

You can see that, if you are engaged in niche blogging, it will benefit not only you but also the Ads publishers to show Ads relevant to your niche, which results in more revenue.

But, what are the consequence of multi-niche blog on monetization.

  1. It will become hard for Ads publishers like Google AdSense and other Ads publisher houses to place Ads on your website, suppose an audience visits your site for ‘best headphone in 2020’ but you are engaged in three different niches so it will be hard for Ads publisher to place relevant Ads according to the visitor’s intent thus, it will result in a low conversion.
  2. If you are an affiliate marketer then you need to be a highly informative guy or expert in that specific product and services this results in an increase in trust of your visitors towards your content and reviews, but if you engaged in a multi-niche blog you can’t generate trust towards your visitors and they will return from your site without purchasing any product through your link.
  3. If you want to get sponsorship Ads, the Advertising companies search for those bloggers who are an expert in their field like, blogging, travels, fitness, etc; on which people trusts, if you are a multi-niche blogger, it will be hard to get sponsored Ads.

Now I think you have understood the power of niche blogging this will make your monetization simplified and you can generate more leads by gaining the trusts of your visitors and Ads publishing companies.

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Long term blogging success

niche blogging success, how to get success from niche blogging

Success is like a mixture of hard work, smart work, dedication, persistence, and many other factors.

When I have started blogging it was very tough for me to understand it’s concepts but day by day learning new thing and working hard for more than 3-4 hours has opened lots of opportunities for me in blogging career.

It all happens just because I have stick to niche blogging. If you are still a multi-niche blogger it is the perfect time to shift to a single niche blogging, it will benefit more.

Blogging success depends on multiple factors but the core is ‘niche’. If you successfully choose the best niche blogging, it will benefit in all possible ways to grow your niche blog and secure your ranking on Google.

Thus, blogging success comes only when you are a good niche blogger, if you are extremely talented in writing attractive blog posts, and having tons of knowledge in that particular niche then it’s time to tie your seat belts because blogging will skyrocket your online earning.

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Conclusion of Niche blogging

conclusion of niche blogging

After reading for long, I know you have understand the core of the niche blogging and its benefits.

Niche blogging is just like the sweet of a cake i.e the most important factor of a blog. If you want an outcome from your blog then try to stick with a niche for more than 6 months you must get good results. If you regularly write about a single topic, one day comes that you will have a sharp knowledge of that particular niche.

Niche blogging has certain benefits which will increase your blog growth by 3-4 times. Just as I explained abve;

  • You can easily target your audience in a more defined way
  • You can boost your SEO and can rank higher on Google
  • You can efficiently monetization your blog
  • Long-term blogging success

Just one thing you have to do is to reach your target audience with your niche blog and provide them the quality content which they want. Once you successfully deliver your content it will do everything for you from getting a genuine audience – SEO – monetization – first earning – blogging success.

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