How to choose a web hosting provider [5 Expert tips]

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Choosing the right web hosting is one of the biggest headaches of many beginner bloggers who want to start a blog in WordPress. If we talk in a real sense then it is obviously true because finding a good web hosting provider is always tough work, because there are lots of parameters that make a hosting best.

Best web hosting always plays a vital role in the success of a blog because of powerful hosting matters a lot in a self-hosted blog like WordPress.

What is web hosting?

A web hosting is a place where you can host your website and store your files of the website by allocating their webspace. In order to get your website live on the internet, you required web hosting, that’s why every website you see all are hosted under a web server.

It’s straightforward to know ‘how the web hosting works’. The hosting provider gives you web space for storing your website’s file. The website is hosted on a local computer through which your files are uploaded onto a web server and this webserver always gives responses according to the request made.

For example, If I asked a query ‘how to choose the best hosting provider for WordPress’ on the Internet through a web browser the request made by me will be sent to the webserver, and the webserver will provide me the different results as per the request made.

You can see the image below,

As you have understood the mechanics of web hosting, now it’s time to know the types of web hosting offered by the web hosting provider.

  • Shared Hosting 
  • VPS Hosting 
  • WordPress Hosting 
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

As this post is dedicated to the blog website, the most convenient and widely used hosting type is ‘shared hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting under which people share the resources (RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, Web Space) with more than one person on a local computer. It’s like if the total resources are 100 then it is partly divided into 10 so that on a single web server more than one person runs their site on a small-scale basis.

The only reason that this is the most preferred web hosting package for beginners, they can host their website on the webserver within a small investment.

Buy a Domain

Web hosting is the combination of Domain and hosting i.e if we combine hosting and domain it will be termed as web hosting.

domain is generally an identity of your blog website, whenever you start a blog you required a domain name i.e the name of your website, for example,,

Now a key factor comes here ‘How to find a domain’

It mainly depends on you that what name should you give to your blog website, whether,, it’s up to you.

But here is the main question arises, whenever you start a blog, decide first do you want to target a whole world or a specific region.

Basically there are two types of domain which is mostly famous;

  • gTLD– It stands for Generic top-level Domain, which is basically used to target a large group of audiences throughout the world. Few examples are;
    • .com: A top-level domain that is widely used for commercial purposes,
    • .org: A top-level domain that widely used for big organizations like;,
    • .net: A top-level domain that widely used for big organizations involved in networking.
  • ccTLD– It stands for Country-code top-level Domain, which is basically used to target a specific group of the audience i.e a particular country.
    • .in: a Country-code top-level Domain for targeting India.
    • .au: a Country-code top-level Domain for targeting Australia.

Tips to choose the best domain name;

  • Must be gTLD domain like .com, .org
  • use a keyword on your domain related to your niche like,
  • Choose a domain name which could be easily recognized
  • Keep your domain name short which could be easily pronounced and spell
  • Avoid using hyphen
  • Use a domain name generator to get better suggestions of a domain related to your niche

There are few domain registrar companies that provide you a domain name at less cost.

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5 Experts tips to choose a web hosting Provider

5 Experts tips to choose a web hosting Provider

Beginners always need experts’ advice while taking a hosting service and it is very important too because, hosting is not a small thing, every single operation you perform on your site is depending on the hosting service you have.

When I shifted from Blogger to WordPress I have researched dedicatedly on the best web hosting for beginners, and after I took 15-20 days of research I have chosen Hostinger as the best hosting that I use and recommend, which I will mention to you why.

Moreover, I have the best deal for you by which you can save up to 20-30% from the cost of hosting you purchase, to grab this deal read the full blog and then contact me:

So coming back to the point ‘what are those parameters which help you to choose the right web hosting for your website’.

  1. Security solutions
  2. Efficient performing hosting
  3. Adequate webspace and Bandwidth
  4. Easy to use control panel
  5. Advanced customer support

In all the above points, I will explain every aspect of features come under the parameters and ultimately I will guide you the best hosting for you, which fulfill all the aspects of being a best hosting provider.

Before diving into this you must ask a questions form yourself;

How much money I could spend on web hosting? What’s my budget?

If you answer this question honestly you can easily able to choose the best web hosting for WordPress.

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Lets start.

Security solutions

One of the major tips which experts give and everyone recommends is security solutions. A hosting is incomplete if it doesn’t have good security measures for their own servers.

Moreover, It is also important for you to know which security features you must get on each hosting plans because it is important too.

Security solutions differ from one hosting provider to another along with its pricing, that’s why taking a look at the must-have security solutions for your hosting is important;

  • Access Restriction – Restrict access to logged-in to the hosting server
  • Network monitoring – Monitoring seconds-by-seconds activity within the network
  • DDoS prevention – Prevents hackers from sending lots of unwanted traffic which make it hard for real visitors
  • Malware scanning – Scanning of files and folders and ultimately removes viruses from the folders secure the website
  • Operating system – If the hosting provider uses the strongest operating system like Windows or Linux on their web server it will be highly secured

The above security features are totally accessed by the hosting providers on their behalf.

Now, what is your responsibility to take a deep look if you buy a web hosting.

  • SSL Certificate: It will ensure your visitors, that the data like; username, password, credit card no., and debit card no, etc, are safe and secure from hackers and malicious third parties, which increases trust among its visitors and higher ranking
  • Automatic Backup: Backup of your website is very important, this can increase the security of your website in terms of being lost.
  • Spam protection: Automatic Filtering of incoming and outgoing spam messages.

The above three are the most important factors that come under the security features of web hosting. Whenever you buy web hosting then these three must be your priority to be included in your features.

So whenever you want to buy web hosting you must analyze the security measures they are using and security features they are providing on their plans to you. If they fulfill all the ‘above’ mentioned criteria then they must be a good hosting provider.

Do you have any question in your mind related to security solution? you are free to comment below and ask

Do you have any question in your mind related to the recommendation? you are free to comment below and ask or you can ask on our social media handles;

Efficient Performance

Hosting performance is a secret sauce of all the best hosting providers. You must think, if something which is not efficiently works are not considered enough. Same in case of hosting, if it doesn’t perform well it won’t be considered as good hosting.

The web server and hosting technology matters a lot to the hosting provider because experts recommend powerful hosting and having a good server and hosting technology will be a break through.

The parameter you must look at before buying a good web hosting in terms of performance;

  • Server speed: According to google and many experts have a hosting server speed of around 200-350ms counts as a good server speed. The server speed determines the speed of your website.
  • Uptime: The amount of time in a given period a server stays up and running, i.e for how much amount of time does a server running at a particular period of time. The recommended uptime by the experts is above 99%
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): CDN makes your website faster by caching its content and distributing it to the different data centers, and whenever foreign visitors come to your site, the CDN will provide your content faster from the closest data center to them. It may happen hosting provider doesn’t provide free CDN, in this case, you may integrate free CDN via. Cloudflare at free of cost.

By using these three parameters you can easily analyze the performance of every hosting provider. CDN is a very important feature because it may happen that the server speed of the hosting provider would be slow because every provider has a limited number of server locations across the world but if they provide free CDN it will be easy for you to boost your website speed, in case they don’t provide CDN, you can use this feature manually.

Uptime is also to be considered as an important aspect of good performing hosting because if your website gets down multiple times a month or year you would lose many visitors coming to your site.

So always take a look on the performance of the various hosting provider before buying the best one.

Do you have any question in your mind related to efficient performance? you are free to comment below and ask

Do you have any question in your mind related to the recommendation? you are free to comment below and ask or you can ask on our social media handles;

Adequate Webspace and Bandwidth

Web space and bandwidth are the core of your hosting service;

  • Webspace – It is the amount of storage that the hosting provider access to you to store your files and folders of your website.
  • Bandwidth – It refers to the amount of data you are allowed to transfer from one point to another from your webserver.

The above two are the most valuable resources of your hosting service.

Webspace gives you the access to use the storage to store all your files and folders of your website, so if your website is running heavy operation it required a large amount of Webspace.

Generally, a blog website doesn’t require huge storage it will be enough for the users to do all their operations within 10-20 GB of space.

On the other hand, bandwidth is super important for your website because it decides how much amount of data you can transfer from your web server.

Bandwidth is generally calculated based on the file size and amount of visitors of your site, you would find many bandwidth calculators on the web. Generally, beginners don’t require unlimited bandwidth because the website would be new and it may not get tons of traffic on the first day. So data transfer limit up to 100 GB would be enough.

Secondly, if your feel that limited bandwidth would be a risking factor then you may choose those package which has unlimited bandwidth or you can integrate your website with CDN (Content Delivery Network) which gives you access to unlimited bandwidth for data transfer.

Do you have any question in your mind related to web space and bandwidth? you are free to comment below and ask

Do you have any question in your mind related to the recommendation? you are free to comment below and ask or you can ask on our social media handles;

Easy to use control panel

Control panel is a component which helps you to control all your settings from it’s backend. Just like WordPress Dashboard which acts as a control panel of a website, similarly for having all the access of your hosting it has a control panel of it.

Most widely popular hosting providers use c panel (control panel) like SiteGround, HostGator, etc, but there are many popular hosting control panels is there, which you can use.

C panel and H panel are the most widely used control panel of hosting.

The one thing which I say that two of the control panels are very easy to use, as I have accessed both the control panels I’m sure you would never get any sort of problem while using it.

H panel is separately made for hostinger users and I’m also its user that’s why I say their control panel is easy to use because it is highly simple than the c panel.

So I think there must be no sort of doubt here. As I have used both the control panel that’s why I’m recommending only those hosting which has c panel or h panel.

Do you have any question in your mind related to control panel? you are free to comment below and ask

Do you have any question in your mind related to the recommendation? you are free to comment below and ask or you can ask on our social media handles;

Advanced customer support

Customer support is the post-sales activity performs by every company. As per my experience, I would never recommend a hosting service that has poor customer support.

In this highly advanced technology, anything could happen within a second. Similarly hosting is such a part of the internet that many companies are relying on their web servers for their own operations, that’s why having very strong customer support is very essential.

Customer support of hosting providers is really important so that it can solve your problem as quickly as possible. Hosting companies like hostinger have very strong customer support which gives the response of your query within 1-2 hours which I have experienced till now.

One thing which I emphasize that, don’t go for hosting service whose customer service is very poor, very poor in the terms of their response time. According to data, the average response time of the customer support team is 12 hours and 10 minutes, Bluehost, Hostinger, SiteGround, etc have a very powerful customer support system and their response time is less than 8 hours.

Whenever you buy a hosting service make sure their customer support must for 24×7 with must-have email support which is more reliable.

Strong customer support is important because beginners always get some sort of problem while using hosting service, so having a good and loyal customer support system is important for its users.

Do you have any questions in your mind related to customer support? you are free to comment below and ask

Do you have any question in your mind related to the recommendation? you are free to comment below and ask or you can ask on our social media handles;

Web Hosting which Experts recommend

Experts suggestion make beginners comfortable to choose reliable web hosting. According to experts as well as me Hostinger and Bluehost are one of the best web hosting for beginners as well as for self-hosted WordPress blogs because it has all those features which make it reliable and best.

  • Security Solutions: Both of them use advanced security solutions which make their server safe, moreover, they provide all the essential security features for their users
  • Efficient performance: Both of them are the king in terms of performance their server response is very fast in all the region, with more than 99.5% of uptime and both has Free Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) in their package, which makes them 10x faster than before
  • Adequate webspace and Bandwidth: Both of them provides enough Webspace and Bandwidth for the smooth functioning of your blog
  • Easy to use control panel: Hostinger has h panel and Bluehost has c panel both of them are easily accessible
  • Advanced customer support: The customer support of both the hosting providers are nice, Hostinger and Bluehost both of their customer support has its response time of 2-4 hours and 4-8 hours respectively, and their customer support team is really advanced, and both of them as email and live chat support.

Here are the reviews of the recommended web hosting;

As I have said in this post earlier that you can save up to 20-30% of the total cost of the hosting you purchase. If you buy from our link before you would get free coupons which save approximately Rs300-1500. Contact us now on, we will give you all the resources by which you can save Rs300-1500 from your hosting.

You are free to take this offer.

Do you have any question in your mind related to the recommendation? you are free to comment below and ask or you can ask on our social media handles;

How to buy web hosting

I recommend a beginner to start with hostinger shared hosting, here are the steps to buy hostinger shared hosting;

Step 1 – Go to the hostinger official website ‘’.

Step 2 – Click on hosting on the menu bar and select shared web hosting.

how to buy hosting from hostinger, steps to buy hostinger hosting

Step 3 – Once you click on shared web hosting you will be entered into a new page where you have to choose one from among three hosting plans. I have selected the Premium Web hosting plan by clicking on ‘Add to cart’.

how to buy hosting from hostinger, steps to buy hostinger hosting

Step 4 – After you select one of the web hosting plans you will be sent to the cart section where you have to focus on these things;

  • Duration of plan i.e 1 month, 12 months, 24 months, and 48 months, I would recommend selecting 12 months plan.
  • Add-ons with their plan like; free SSL Certificate.
  • Eligible for the free domain; skip this for now.
  • Bonus: you would get an extra 10% off by applying coupon code, contact me via. email:
  • After doing this, click on checkout now
  • When you click on checkout now, you will be redirected to create an account in hostinger ‘create an account by signing in with Google, it will be more convenient’.
how to buy hosting from hostinger, steps to buy hostinger hosting

Step 5 – After following step 4 you have to choose the payment option as of me I have selected UPI, then I have filled all the related information which asked in Fig: 2. and select continue with payment.

Screenshot 118 1
Fig: 1
Screenshot 116
Fig: 2

Step 6 – After doing all this you will be redirected to a new tab where you will pay the amount according to the plan you select, just after doing all the payment process a confirmation email will be sent to you on your email.

By following all of these steps; congratulations! you have successfully bought an hosting.

Conclusion: Best web hosting for beginners

After this strong and valuable content, I think you have understood, shared hosting will be the best hosting for you because it is for beginners and small scale sites. If your budget is limited up to Rs1000-2000 then I prefer you must go for Hostinger because I use their service and it is really outstanding, but if you have a high budget up to Rs2000-4000 you must go with Bluehost because they are the best in this market in this price point.

According to many experts, both the web hosting providers are the best in this field but my recommendation is that move with hostinger though you have a high budget go with advanced plans of hostinger shared hosting, it will be more reliable because you would get advanced supports and features at very less cost.

Now it’s up to your choice.

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