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HostGator Shared Hosting Review
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Hi, it’s being a longtime while running a website in ‘’ and obviously, after recognizing its limitations, every blogger wants to shift from Blogger to WordPress, just because there is a large scope of growth.

Note: you would get two links in this blog; HostGator India’ for Indian Customers and ‘’ for customers located outside India. I hope you will follow our instructions. Thank you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

The very first thing which is required while running a website is Hosting, your site is required to be hosted under a hosting company, and if you are an experienced blogger and have a website that gets 1000-10000 monthly page views then I should recommend going shared Hosting.

In the Web Hosting industry there are few dominated companies who are considered an as best hosting provider, within which the most popular name comes;

In this blog, I will recommend one of the best and reliable hosting services from Hostgator shared hosting, which is the best hosting service provider.


HostGator Shared Hosting.








Hostgator founded in 2002 and till now it has more than 8,00,000 customers along with providing their reliable hosting service over 200 countries. Hostgator has gained such potential customers just because of giving valuable service to its customers with innovative products and services to the businesses.

Hostgator has covered a long journey to become a cheap hosting provider with quality and valuable services;

  • High Uptime Guarantee;
  • Server Speed,
  • Free SSL.

If you want to start your blogging journey from WordPress then I usually recommend HostGator as a good hosting provider for your WordPress Site.

The buyer from India must buy from ‘hostgator India’ and for globally ‘’, I’m being so much excited to give a detailed review on hostgator shared hosting which is;

  • best hosting provider,
  • reliable hosting service,
  • cheap hosting,
  • coolest features.

So, here we go.

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HostGator Shared Hosting plans.

Ya! HostGator shared hosting is really incredible to buy, but without having a good features at reliable pricing plans no hosting provider would be best.

Here are the HostGator shared hosting pricing and features chart.

PriceRs.149/month  Rs.249/monthRs.249/monthRs.349/month
Disk Space  10 GB  UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth  100 GB  UnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificate–  Free
Domain  1  13Unlimited
Email Accounts  5  UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
  Cpanel       Free          Free        Free      Free
Pricing Chart

Features of HostGator Shared Hosting.

Hosting is valuable only when it has a good level of features within it. HostGator Shared hosting has such features that you will love to buy and use it to host your website.

I have done detailed research on HostGator shared hosting and I’m happy that they are a good hosting provider along with reliable hosting too.

Here are some coolest features which I will disclose here in this blog, by reading their features you will be 80% sure that they ‘hostgator India’ or ‘‘ will be the best choice to host your website.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

The name of a website is very important while starting your business operation or blogging through an Internet, domain name e.g works as the name of your online store or a blog website.

If you buy hosting from hostgator you will save an extra money amounting to Rs. 600- Rs. 1500, happy ya!

HostGator provides you free domains in all its plans of hostgator shared hosting, the coolest thing here is, they provide unlimited domains in their ‘Baby and Business plans’, which I say it’s incredible because you can start multiple operations by using their unlimited ‘domain names features’.


In starter and Hatchling plans, you will get one free domain name, whereas in baby and business plans you would get unlimited domain name to register.

I know it is very important for you to save the expenditure costs on domains and if you save at least Rs. 600- Rs. 1500, you would utilize this money at some other important operations like investing in Google Ads, and Facebooks Ads to boost your earnings through social networks.

I hope it is a plus point for you, if you buy shared hosting from Hostgator, and I love to recommend this hosting service. Let’s start ‘hostgator India’ or’.

Disk Space.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Happy to see such attractive features in their hostgator shared hosting plan. Disk Space or SSD Storage, is very important for your website because it will allow you to store your website’s files and data, including your themes and plug-ins you used on your website.

Disk Space is not required much If you are running a blog website but if you are running your site and doing business operations at a large scale, hostgator is good for you to start with.

Disk Space10 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space

You can see from the above chart that, hostgator is providing unlimited Disk Space, in Hatchling, Baby, Business plans, I’m highly satisfied with it, but if you are a beginner and starting your WordPress site you wouldn’t be required enough Disk Space. You can easily run your website in less than 10 GB of Disk Space.

I’m a Hostinger customer, and I have a disk space of 10 GB but still, I have used only 300 MB from 10 GB Disk Space, though I have lots of images and files on my site and 15 plug-ins installed. So as per me if you are a beginner then go for a starter and for travel bloggers and those have large scale operations then go for Hatchling, Baby, Business.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ya! This is something important which we have to consider before buying a web hosting from any company, Hostgator has given unlimited bandwidth in its 3 of there pricing plans Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans, which is very good to see.

I know it is pretty hard for you to understand, what is Bandwidth? I would explain you with an example, suppose, I have a blog website located in India, and my visitors come from the United States, so if the request comes from the United States, it will first pass on to the hosting server, from the hosting server it will pass on the request on my website, and after collecting the data from my site it will ultimately give the required answer to the request made from the United States.

In this whole process, it consumes some amount of data in KBs or MBs, you would get the bandwidth calculation below.

In the starter plan of HostGator shared hosting, you would get a 100 GB of data transfer capacity which we call Bandwidth.

Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space

If we go through the calculations, for an average page size of 1 MB, 40,000 visitors per month, and 10 pages per visitor your website will need 10,000 MB, or 10 GB, of bandwidth per month.

Basically a starter plan is made for beginners, that’s why having 100 GB of data transfer capacity is enough for a beginner blogger.

Now you would understand, the real use of bandwidth.

  • The best alternative for a beginner is Hostinger, if you are a beginner then you can go with a single web hosting plan of hostinger shared hosting, I guess even something at just Rs. 60, awesome ya!

SSL Certificate.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

The growth of the internet has increased the rate of hacking, but what’s the relation between SSL certificate and Hacking, as you know if you have an SSL Certificate installed on your website it will boost the security level against the attack made by hackers.

HostGator giving these features including in their shared hosting plan absolutely free, just install the SSL Certificate and make your website extra protected from hackers, but what are the more benefits of it.

You can increase your trusts among the visitors of your website, it is obvious that visitors may sometime fill any sensitive information on your site may it’s Debit card details or Credit card details, or any Private information. An SSL Certificate would ensure your visitors that your website is safe from the third party attackers and hackers, you can also boost your ranking in Google if you have an SSL Certificate.

SSL CertificateFree
SSL Certifiacte

In the business plan of HostGator shared hosting, you would get a free SSL Certificate. “Hmm, really bad’☹️☹️

Email Accounts.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I know having an email with your domain name looks more professional and there is a higher chance that an email account e.g, will increase your trusts and branding towards your visitors.

HostGator has provided you more than what we expect.

Email Account5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Account(s)

Except starter plan, hostagator is providing unlimited email account, Nice!

What are you waiting for? I know when you will start to send emails to your visitors it will look more professional moreover it will create your website’s branding and increase trust among users.

Professional bloggers use their own email;,, which looks awesome and more trustable.

Don’t wait get started with HostGator India or

So these are the top features of hostgator shared hosting, I have disclosed all their features and essential points in front of you so that, you can buy the best reliable hosting services, which is also one of the main motive of us.

Pros. & Cons. of HostGator Shared Hosting.

No hosting is absolutely perfect, there is always a chance of having something good or bad in it. Even in hostgator shared hosting there are some good or bad which I will disclose in front of for your better understanding of reliable hosting.

Here are the Pros. and Cons. of hostagator shared hosting.

Pros. of HostGator shared Hosting.

Here are some pros. of hostgator shared hosting;

Unlimited Everything.

“Unlimited-Unlimited-Unlimited” looking good while hearing? its true, hostgator shared hosting has unlimited or I say enough resources to do all your online operations easily.

If you get into those features ‘Disk Space and Bandwidth is unlimited’ even 10 GB of email storage, which is enough to utilize all these resources.

From Start to End there unmetered everything attracts many of its customers.

Disk Space10 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space
Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space

You can again go through this chart, everything is awesome what is really expected in such a plan, this we call as reliable hosting services.

  • Disk Space is highly required If your site has to perform heavy tasks e.g travel blogs If you have a travel blog website your hosting plan must contain enough storage to store those files and images.
  • Bandwidth is highly required in hosting because it allows you the amount of data you are allowed to transfer from your web server, which is unlimited in Hostgator.

Choosing hostgator shared hosting is good not only for cheap hosting but as a reliable hosting services as well.

Free Domains.

Whenever I hear ‘free domain’, I think about my Rs. 600- Rs. 1500 will be utilize at some other operations in google ads, facebook ads, premium themes, plugins. We all are a rational consumers and a rational consumer always think about getting maximum satisfaction from the lowest cost incurred.

In their hosting plans, starter, hatchling, baby, business, they all have provided a free domain;


Especially in baby and business plans, they are giving unlimited domain names in their plan. I’m happy to review their hosting services, its a win-win time for every customer who want to be a hostgator customer.

Cons. of HostGator Shared Hosting.

Here are some of cons. of hostgator shared hosting;

Full Disclosure.

Yes, hostgator though giving good amount of features in their shared hosting plans still they are not fully disclose many of the features which is to be disclosed.

Moreover, I haven’t seen site backup features in their hosting package but after doing lots of research I have found that they are charging extra fees per month for daily automated backups, “I’m very disappointed with this act”.

Disclosing everything in front of customers will increase the trust of its users, they are disclosing but half-heartedly, type of CPU, RAM should be disclosed, it would help customers to buy the best.

For me, yes I’m disappoint by not disclosing everything which may increase more customer satisfaction.

No Free SSL Certificate.

I hate this, something which is very important in anybody’s life is their private data. No free SSL Certificate means the website owners and its visitors would always at risk of getting hacked their private data.

But how? it is obvious that visitors may sometime fill any sensitive information on your site may it’s Debit card details or Credit card details, or any Private information. An SSL Certificate would ensure your visitors that your website is safe from the third party attackers and hackers, you can also boost your ranking in Google if you have an SSL Certificate.

SSL CertificateFree
SSL Certifiacte

Except for the Business plan, no other shared hosting plan has a free SSL Certificate, instead of giving it free, they are charging a fee of per month. Not Good! ☹️☹️

I know, many are upset but fortunately, there are few ways by which you can easily install an SSL Certificate on your website, free of cost. Happy Now! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Cloudflare is the way by which you can get a free SSL Certificate for your website. I will discuss it with you below don’t worry.

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Server Speed.

Something I prefer most is server speed, today the time has come where no one has enough time to wait for something, the patience of the people is decreasing day by day.

If your server speed is not well and good you would lose much of your visitors before they enter into your site. You wouldn’t take so much of risk to lose your customer just because they have been irritated of your website load time.

The load time in different location of the hostgator is;

  • United States- 32 ms
  • London- 221 ms
  • Bangalore- 717 ms
  • Singapore- 221 ms
  • Sydney- 205 ms

My god! so slow in India, can’t believe it. The load time in Bangalore is too slow. if I would not get this solution to fix it, I wouldn’t recommend this hosting to my Indian brothers and sisters.

Fortunately, Cloudflare has all the solution of slow website.  

Cloudflare provides free CDN (Content Delivery Network), which makes your website faster by caching its content and distributing it to the different data centers, and whenever a foreign visitors come to your site, the CDN will provide your content faster from the closest data center to them.

I know everyone is feeling well and good now! 😊😊

So these are the top pros. and cons. of Hostgator shared hosting, the main advantage you have got is that the cons; free SSL, server Speed, can be easily outsourced free of cost. Now the most important part is coming in this review, continue reading…

What do I Recommend?

I know everyone is looking for my recommendations because you have visited this website just to know about what is the actual reliable hosting service looks like and yes ‘hostgator India‘ or ‘‘ is a reliable hosting.

If I share you my point of view I will quickly analyze some of the key points here, for why or not to buy hostgator shared hosting.

  • Free Domain name: Hostgator is providing free domain names in all its shared hosting plans, which will not only save your crucial saving of around Rs. 1500, but that money could be utilized at some other parts of your blogging journey like, joining udemy course of blogging or affiliate marketing, etc. So a win-win situation comes here.
  • Unmetered: Hostgator is providing unlimited storage and bandwidth in the hatchling, baby, business plans which are really awesome and good to see, moreover if you get unlimited storage and bandwidth you would able to create your own photography website and can run small business operations easily, check out the bandwidth calculations in the features of HostGator shared hosting heading under bandwidth section of this post.
  • Server Speed & Uptime: Server speed in India is not well around 717 ms in Bangalore but well in the United States around 32 ms. Uptime is around 99.99% which is very good at all, as I have said you don’t have to worry about server speed, just register your website under cloudflare. Cloudflare provides free CDN (Content Delivery Network), which makes your website faster by caching its content and distributing it to the different data centers, and whenever a foreign visitors come to your site, the CDN will provide your content faster from the closest data center to them, it will increase your website speed which is unexpected.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is fine but I think not so effective, they don’t give a quick response, but it’s average they would not dis satisfy you. I say 60/100 in terms of customer support.

So for me, it’s a reliable hosting which Hostgator is providing the only thing I was not satisfied by their service was its server speed and Free SSL Certificate, but fortunately, Cloudflare will give you free SSL Certificate and it can boost your server speed up to 50 ms- 70 ms, which can fill all the missing requirements in the HostGator shared hosting.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

Now the time has come to provide you the overview of what I have stated in this blog, its all about customer satisfaction for me nothing else, I’m not here to pursue my visitors to buy hostgator shared hosting, but I’m helping you out by suggesting the best from the best.

Hostgator is absouletely cool and outstanding. If you want to try hostgator I’m sure it will not disappoint you;

  • Uptime is great,
  • Server speed is below average but it can be boosted by using Cloudflare,
  • No Free SSL in Starter, Hatchling, Baby plans but you can get free of cost by registering in Cloudflare,
  • Free Domain in all its shared hosting plan, it can save your RS. 600- Rs. 1500.
  • Free email accounts in its shared hosting, which will look-like more professional website.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee, if you don’t like their hosting.

Now the time to tell you about HostGator’s alternative;

If you are a beginner who want to start a new WordPress site, I will prefer hostinger shared hosting which is reliable for beginners.

If you want the best than the HostGator go for bluehost it’s great to start with because I have a good level of trust in Bluehost and I shared my experience through a review.

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Ta Da! See you soon in the next blog..πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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