Best platform for blogging: WordPress vs Blogger

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It is one of the most asked questions that, which is the best platform for blogging? and whenever this question arises a fierce battle always starts ‘WordPress vs blogger‘.

WordPress and blogger are one the most popular platform for blogging and they are also known as the most popular CMS (Content Management System) software.

The most honest answer I would give ‘when I have started my blog I have made my first website on Blogger and soon after I have heard about WordPress I have migrated from Blogger to WordPress.

Many have told me I haven’t taken a good decision because I was a beginner at that time now I would say it is my best decision that I have migrated. In the next few minutes, I will reveal why it is the best decision and why you also choose WordPress instead of Blogger.

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WordPress vs blogger: which is best?

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Overview of the platforms: WordPress and Blogger

According to Wikipedia: A content management system is computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. CMSs are typically used for enterprise content management and web content management.

Over the years many CMS has been developed but the two of them which are most popular are WordPress and Blogger both are known as the oldest and widely used blogging software. The most important thing is that these two are termed as one of the best blogging platforms in the world.

Here is the complete overview of two of the best blogging platforms of the world.

Wordpress, Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms found in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. A CMS software used to create your own website or blog, where you can share your digital content and express your views. It is a self-hosted platform i.e where you have to purchase web hosting to start your own blog.

The most important fact is that WordPress holds more than 38% of websites of the world and surprisingly from around top 1 million sites 95% are using WordPress. The most amazing one. is the most popular platform for blogging and it is all recommended by the most successful bloggers and organizations like;,, etc; because this CMS platform is really worthy.

The important point to be noted here is; is a free platform through which you can install WordPress on your Web Server and start your blog but just because it is a self-hosted platform you need to buy a web server and domain which cost you Rs 1000-3000 a year. That’s cheap!

Recommended Hosting provider

Recommended Domain registrar

Pros of

  • It is free CMS software i.e you don’t need to purchase CMS software for starting your blog
  • There are more than 54000+ plugins and from which you can use any of them to run your WordPress website. Plugins are truly useful because it boosts your website performance and your efficiency in an effective way.
  • It is such an easy to use platform that you can perform all the blogging operation within your WordPress Dashboard

Cons of

  • As it is a self-hosted platform you need to buy a web server and domain to start and run your own blog which cost you Rs 1500-3000, which is quite cheaper
  • You are solely responsible for your blog website. You need to take regular backups and other security measures to protect your site from being lost, hacked, etc.

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According to Wikipedia: Blogger is an American blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of

Blogger has came a long way up from 1999 but still it is popularly known for beginners. I have also one of the past users of the but after findings it’s limitations I have intentionally shifted from there.

The most amazed thing is that, it is a free platform i.e you don’t need to pay a single penny from your pocket to start your own blog. just choose a topic on which you want to write and start a blog on WordPress accesses from a subdomain of

Now the point is why you should or shouldn’t use

I was a blogger user for more than 4+ months and I have found it as the safest platform because my website is hosted under Google without paying any money, but it is not giving me the expected results though I work hard results are not satisfactory.

My blogs get steady traffic but no conversion moreover the whole blogger CMS is filled with codes and I’m not a good coding specialist to do so.

The most often problem I face is that there is no scalability, blogger doesn’t provide you such resources by which you can boost your own and website’s performance.

If you want to start a blog just for fun or sharing your ideas for a non-profit it is the best platform for you but if you are coming to the blogging industry and earning money the blogger won’t be a good choice instead of using WordPress from the beginning.

Pros of

  • A free platform for whom who want to gain experience
  • No security issue because it is hosted under Google and we know the security level of Google
  • Best suited for person who start a blog for fun or non-profit

Cons of

  • You don’t have your personal identity i.e if you start a blog for free in blogger your website would be accessed under a subdomain like, So you can’t create your own personal identity
  • Blogger platform is filled with coding that means you always get a headache whenever your site get a technical issue because each time you would be required to fill codes
  • Violation of anyone Google’s policy among those 32000+ policies will lead to the deletion of your website (without a warning) because you would not the real owner of the website ‘you access under their subdomain’
  • blogger doesn’t have enough resources to scale up just because it is a simple less-featured platform.

So after getting an exact overview of WordPress and blogger you can definitely understand the king of the best platform for blogging.

In a nutshell, WordPress is 20-30 times better than blogger in terms of Content Management System (CMS).

What is your overview on WordPress and blogger? comment below๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Experts on WordPress vs blogger

Experts on WordPress vs blogger
Experts on WordPress vs blogger

Expert’s suggestions are one of the most trusted parts, and I always use this method to create a good amount of trust among my users.

Experts always take WordPress vs blogger as ‘no comparison’. WordPress is termed as one of the most effective platforms than a blogger which is true. The performance which you can perform in WordPress will be many times higher than the blogger.

When I have watched more than 5 videos and reading 8 expert reviews I have observed that they have well analyzed WordPress and blogger from their past experience. Each platform have certain limitations and benefits but ultimately WordPress has won the race of best platform for blogging ‘WordPress vs Blogger

Matt Cutts on WordPress vs Blogger

Matt Cutts is one of the Google engineers and surprisingly though a Google employee he uses WordPress for his own blogs. Even he disclosed some of the major limitations of blogger as a platform which makes it not a useful blogging platform but in a parallel view, he also shared good views on blogger.

Watch what he has said about WordPress vs blogger;

He has taken WordPress and blogger in terms of good SEO strategy and he said: “both can be used for good SEO”. Moreover, he mentioned blogger as one of the easy ways to start a blog because you don’t require to install any software.

The most important point here to be noted is that he has taken a blogger platform for ‘casual blogging if you just want to gain experience in writing good content. On the other hand, WordPress is used to get high exposure and flexibility which is more important while starting a blog.

Indian Bloggers on WordPress vs Blogger

Indian renowned bloggers Harsh Agarwal, Amit Tiwari, Vedant Malhotra, Web Beast have also stated blogger as a good way to start blogging but for scaling up it is not a good choice because you can’t get such flexibility and resources which you actually wanted to scale.

Even most of them has cleared that if anybody would take blogging as a career then WordPress should be your first choice because one day you would recognize blogger’s limitation and at that time you have to migrate yourself on WordPress. So why not starting from WordPress at the beginning.

In a nutshell,

  • expert say blogger is good when you want to gain experience in blogging at the initial stage but they prefer to move on to WordPress for growing high on blogging.
  • On security, the level blogger is highly secured because it is Google’s product but WordPress is also safe too, just you need to take all the measures to secure your website from yourself.
  • WordPress gives you more flexibility to expand which blogger couldn’t.

So according to Experts, WordPress won here too.

Do you agree with the experts? Comment below๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Which is the best platform: WordPress vs blogger

Now it’s time for the ultimate battle ‘WordPress vs Blogger’. I know many have been understood the powers and limitations of both of the platforms still something more you need to understand before choosing the best platform.

The features and flexibility of both the platform would be the best way to define this ‘WordPress vs blogger’ war. Since both of them are the popular CMS software and dominant as well for the last two decades, it is my responsibility to give you exact information before you choose one of the platforms for blogging.

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Ease of Use

ease of use, wordpress vs blogger
Ease of Use

One of the most common ways to define both of the platforms is their ease of use. When I have started blogging on the blogger platform I would never find any difficulties while using bloggers because it is a simple platform where you don’t have many customization options.

Using blogger for more than 4+ months I have found it a little bit easy to use because it is a simple platform where resources are very limited.

you can see the Dashboard;

blogger dashboard, wordpress vs blogger
blogger dashboard

As you can see there is nothing much on the blogger platform, you can write post, customize your theme using layout, do important settings, and nothing more here.

What’s the biggest drawback which I faced in the blogger platform and makes it difficult ‘to use‘ is lots of coding. Most of the time when you try to add a new feature on your website like a table of content, you required to find various codes from the Web and have to insert it on your theme to enable that feature.

Even more, you don’t get ample resources to boost your website’s speed by using any plugins, everything you need to do it manually. Likewise, you required to do manual redirection of your post which is also a major drawback.

Taking a look at the WordPress platform it is a bitter lengthy process because you need to set up your website by installing and setting up various plugins but ultimately your 2-3 days of hard work while setting up a website will benefits you in the long run because you will get a sudden boost in your efficiency due to the WordPress automation.

This is how the WordPress Dashboard looks like;

wordpress dashboard, wordpress vs blogger
WordPress Dashboard

Now, look into the WordPress dashboard from top to bottom you have full access to your site. Just like the blogger dashboard it is the same but having extra features.

The one thing which I say about WordPress that, it is best from the best because its plugins perform 70-80% of the work of your website from boosting your website speed to automation everything you can perform on one click.

When I have migrated my site from blogger to WordPress it took me consecutive 3 days of customization of my blog where I have installed the most important and widely used plugins for my site like;

  • Jetpack – for automated post sharing on the social network, free CDN (Content Delivery Network) for boosting website’s speed, site stats, etc.
  • Sucuri security – for 24×7 email alerts, malware scanning
  • Smush- for image resizing to boost page speed
  • Rank Math SEO – for boosting on-page SEO to rank higher on Google SERPs

I have mentioned very few, there are lots of features available on WordPress which will make your day-to-day blogging easy. I needn’t required to do a regular website audit. I always get an email notification of my site’s health, SEO, broken links, etc; which makes it very easy for me to handle my site.

After this short explanation, I hope you have understood what is the power of WordPress and the limitations of blogger. WordPress is a boss and blogger is nothing in front of WordPress.

The way I have explained is very clear. A beginner can start with blogger but if he has the opportunity to start with WordPress they must go because it will give you a high level of experience which blogger couldn’t.

Ease of use is definitely a win-win situation for WordPress.

Winner: WordPress

Control of your blog

control of your blog
Control of your blog

The one important reason for using WordPress for blogging that I get full control of my blog, which is not possible in blogger. WordPress will give you the full authority and ownership which blogger wouldn’t.

As blogger is a Google’s product and everybody knows that Google is very strict with its terms and policies so if you violate any of the Terms and policies from among 32000+ policies, Google may delete your site without any warning received.

One of the major reasons behind migrating my website to WordPress is to get full access to my blog to use it according to whatever I want and I like, that’s why a self-hosted blog is best.

Moreover, you can perform any task according to you whatever you like there is no one to stop you or to delete your website. You are the permanent owner of your own blog.

Winner: WordPress

Security Level

security of your blog
Security of your blog

Security is one of the most important parts of a website and without having a secured website your blogging journey would be difficult.

Here, blogger has overtaken WordPress in terms of the security level of a website because blogger is Google’s product and we all know Google’s own security. So there are no drawbacks in bloggers when it comes to the security level.

WordPress is also a very secure platform because you get varieties of security plugins and features that will help you to secure your website.

But a major question arises how you can secure your website?

here are the few easy ways to do that;

  • Keep your WordPress always updated
  • Install SSL Certificate to boost your website credibility by securing sensitive data like Debit/Credit card information, personal data, etc. It is included in your hosting package.
  • Install the Updraft plugin to get access to the backup/restore of your website.
  • Use limit WordPress login plugins so that hackers wouldn’t able to crack your ‘WordPress Dashboard login’ password, which would limit the login attempts to the WordPress dashboard
  • Your WordPress hosting providers also keep their server and software updated, moreover, they always monitor their network for identifying and preventing suspicious activity
  • Lastly use, the Sucuri Security plugin which tracks all the activity happening every second on a website and tries to disable all the important function of a website on which hackers would attack

The above ways I have explained is the one-time process once you perform all the tasks sincerely it will make your WordPress website highly secured. You don’t require to take lots of headaches on your website’s security then.

So after knowing the security level of both the platforms you can find that both are highly secured but blogger is more secured than WordPress because its a Google’s product.

Winner: blogger

Plugins and Theme support

themes and plugins support
Plugins and Theme support

The varieties of plugins and theme in WordPress has made this platform very useful for bloggers to use.

When I have first heard about WordPress I got attracted by its outstanding plugins and premium themes for which I was eager to use it.

Taking the first look on blogger

blogger theme,
blogger themes

You can find that there are not so many themes are available for your website to use but you can externally download premium themes and use it on your blogger website for free. Moreover, you wouldn’t get any plugins for your blogger website to run any automated features on the blogger.

The biggest drawback which I have found in blogger that’s why I haven’t stayed on blogger for a long and migrated my website to WordPress.

Taking a look on WordPress;, wordpress theme
WordPress Theme

You can clearly see that there are more than 2000+ premium themes for free especially for blog websites so you can imagine there must be more than 40000-50000+ thems for the WordPress website.

Similarly taking a look on WP Plugins there are more than 54000+ plugins on WordPress and you can use any one as per your choice;

wordpress plugins, wordpress
WordPress Plugins

I love to use its plugins which has really increased my efficiency from before, but you couldn’t use every plugin there because it will increase the load time of your site.

So here are the must have plugins you should install on your WordPress;

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages โ€“ for boosting site speed on the mobile version.
  • Convertful โ€“ for an email subscription.
  • Broken Link Checkerโ€“ for identifying broken links of your website.
  • Easy Table of Contents
  • Jetpack by WordPress.comโ€“ to use powerful features.
  • Ninja Forms โ€“ for creating forms on your website.
  • Rank Math SEO โ€“ all in one SEO tool.
  • Smush โ€“ reduce the image file size which takes ages to load.
  • Sucuri Securityโ€“ for auditing, malware, and hardening.
  • UpdraftPlus โ€“ for backup/restore
  • W3 Total Cache โ€“ for improving the speed and performance of a website.

Now you can understand the biggest advantage of WordPress and drawbacks of blogger. Blogger is a good platform but WordPress is extraordinary.

Here, WordPress won because it was totally a one-sided battle.

Winner: WordPress

Ranking Probability

ranking probability
Ranking Probability

Ranking on Google is the dream of every bloggers. Every bloggers want to see their post rank on #1 on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) but do ranking on Google is easy? not at all.

The ranking doesn’t depend on one factor rather than there are more than 200+ ranking factors and expecting every factor to implement is not always possible. One thing which every bloggers should do is perfect on-page SEO and writing SEO friendly article which is one of the key factors for ranking.

Blogger platform doesn’t have such a facility to write SEO-friendly articles and doing on-page SEO because you don’t support any plugins. Blogger platform is just like write and publish you don’t have any extra task to do.

WordPress has a clear solution of this, they have an effective SEO tool which helps you to write SEO friendly article which would rank on Google.

Rank Math SEO and Yoast SEO are the two most popular plugin for your website’s SEO, I recommend Rank Math SEO.

But, how to write a SEO Friendly article?

The ways you can write an SEO friendly article.

  • Use Focus Keyword in the SEO Title
  • Add Focus Keyword to your SEO Meta Description
  • Use the Focus keyword in the URL
  • Use Focus Keyword on the first 10% of the content
  • Use focus keyword within your content
  • Write at least 600 words within an article
  • Use the Focus keyword in the subheading
  • Add an image with a Focus keyword as alt text
  • Keep the Keyword Density of focus keyword up to 2%-3%
  • Use internal links in your content
  • Use external links in your content

The above suggestions I have made are the exact points that I being suggested by Rank Math plugin when I use them to write my content.

One thing I must clear is that the Rank Math SEO tool will not guarantee you a higher ranking on Google but it helps you to implement all the possibilities by which you can rank on Google. Rank Math helps you to solve all the SEO settings for your website which definitely works.

In a nutshell, WordPress is far better than blogger in terms of Ranking probability because blogger doesn’t provide you such SEO settings for your website. After all, it’s a less featured simple platform. On the other hand, WordPress plugins help you a lot while doing your SEO settings which make your website fully SEO optimized and eligible for ranking.

Winner: WordPress.

Scalability and earning scope

scalability and earning scope
Scalability and earning scope

Scalability and earning is one of the significant factors to sustain a website, that’s why choosing the best platform is very important.

Blogger is a platform where you have lots of earning opportunities but there is no Scalability. As blogger is a simple platform there is no sort of advanced features present on it, you can’t build an e-commerce store, you can’t build a tool website, you don’t have a large exposure, you are limited to a blog website which accesses you only to write a post and publish it, nothing else.

WordPress on the other hand gives you every sort of exposure that you ultimately want to scale up you have both the earning opportunity and scalability. You can build your own e-commerce store, you can build a tool website, you can create your own affiliate programs and much more exposure. You are not limited to a specific part of blogging but everything as a whole.

Lastly, the scalability and earning scope of WordPress are much higher than the blogger and of course, it would be. WordPress is the boss of the blogging platform.

Winner: WordPress

Future of WordPress and blogger

future of blogger and wordpress
Future of blogger and WordPress

The future of both platforms is bright. Both platforms would be sustainable for a long period of time. But you couldn’t predict the future of blogger because Google may take drastic changes to make blogger the best platform for blogging. Moreover, Google has all the available resources to do so.

Similarly, WordPress is known for the best platform in the world which powers more than 38% of the website throughout the world. We must say WordPress is now currently in its max level where you can find each and every blogging resource of your demand as well as choice.

WordPress is still working on finding something new every day to give a good blogging experience by providing; premium themes, the latest on-demand plugins, and creating a good environment for the upcoming enterprise and bloggers.

But there are huge secrets still we have not discovered in blogging and it will definitely found in the next couple of years and still, WordPress will win as the best CMS software.

The bloggers who use WordPress would get the highest number of exposure in blogging and they will learn more than the blogger platform users. That’s the reason why the future of WordPress is more opportunistic for bloggers.

Conclusion: WordPress vs blogger

Conclusion: WordPress vs blogger
Conclusion: WordPress vs blogger

We have reached its conclusion and WordPress has won this battle, but blogger has still an on-demand platform for beginners.

I wouldn’t say blogger is bad and WordPress is very good but both have their own limitations, but still working on WordPress should be the best choice for bloggers because it will help you to learn more.

Blogger is characterized as a beginner’s platform and it is true also but if you want to take blogging as a career and you if are actually serious about blogging then yes, I will recommend you to go with WordPress.

What you need is just to purchase hosting which worth RS 1000-1500 because I recommend you to go with Hostinger shared hosting (Read review) because it is the best hosting provider currently and I’m one of the users of its hosting too.

Install WordPress and Setup your website and start your blogging journey with WordPress.

In a nutshell, I would say if you are a beginner and don’t have experience in blogging and writing then go to blogger and gain experience for at least 4-5 months. But if you are really confident about blogging and writing good content then I surely say to start with WordPress it will help you to learn more.

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